George L’s Cable by the Foot


Brand New George L’s .155 Black Cable
Sold By The Foot – Just enter the amount you need in the quantity box and hit “Add To Cart.” Select “1” for one foot, “2” for two feet, “3” for the three feet, and so on. We will cut the length to the total amount ordered. In order words, you will receive one complete piece of cable.
George L’s Cable is an excellent choice for making your own guitar cables, hooking up stomp boxes on your pedalboard, wiring up rack gear, or connecting studio equipment.
A perfect way to achieve stunning signal clarity, sweeter tone, less noise, and reduced hum. When combined with George L’s hassle-free, solder-less connections (sold separately) you have a simple, quick, and rock solid way to get your guitar, bass, keyboard, or studio setup up-and-running so you can concentrate on what you do best, playing or recording music!