Cobra Coil E9th Custom String Set

(7 customer reviews)


E9th Custom Set

.012 .016 .011 .013 .018 .022 .026w .028w .034w .038w


7 reviews for Cobra Coil E9th Custom String Set

  1. Jeff Deas

    Best tone and longest lasting strings I’ve ever used. I’ll be a lifelong cobra coil user.

  2. jerry day clement

    for me, they sound good on top 6 strings but use SIT bottom four, both necks. (Emmons ’74 PP)

  3. Paul

    Easily the best sounding strings I’ve used; however, 1/3 packs missed the .013; will be purchasing more soon

  4. charles roach (verified owner)

    Best strings for pedal steel I have ever used. They stay in tune well and last forever. I very rarely break one, even the .011. I highly recommend them!!!

  5. Martin Cleary

    I have used these wonderful strings for years ! Bought from bobbe Seymour ! And shipped to Ireland !!

  6. Jerry Taylor

    Great tone and they hold the tuning very well.

  7. Jerry Houston

    They last a long time maintaining their tuning and rarely break.

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