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Steel Guitar General Maintenance and Tune-up. Guitar Set-up • E9th and C6th Pick-up Installation
Volume Pedal Repairs- Potentiometer  and String Installation

The Original Cobra Coil Steel Guitar Strings

In stock and ready to ship Cobra Coil Strings and Tone Bars. Steel Guitars of Nashville has the Rights to carry this product. See strings in accessories. Contact us to be become a dealer -call- just place your order online.

Top-Quality Steel Guitars & Guitar Accessories

Steel Guitars of Nashville, Inc. in Hendersonville, Tennessee, sells steel guitars for a distinctive sound and look for casual or professional settings and Pedal Steel Guitar accessories. We also repair most major brands, tune and restring all steel guitars, and provide restoration work.

Brand-Name Steel Guitars

Usually chosen by preference, steel guitars create a different sound than regular guitars and allow you to change the tone and sound bar through the various pedals. Depending on who you are playing with, you can produce truly unique music.
The Mullen Brand is based in Flagler Colorado. This line of Steel Guitars are endorsed by artists like Tommy White, Tyler Hall and many more.
GFI Brand is based in Marshfield, Missouri. Manufactures pedal steel guitars. Founded in 1989 by Gene Fields, GFI has grown steadily with an expanding range of products and distribution, the Keyless is another option they have added.
BMI Brand is based in Scanton, Arkansas. This line of Steel Guitars are endorsed by artists like “Cowboy” Eddie Long, “Rock-O” Mike Miller, “Boogydown” Dan Burnham and Zane Beck.

Excel Brand is based in Japan we are the only dealer in the USA. This line of Steel Guitars are endorsed by artists like John Heinrich, Bill Stafford, and Slim Yamaguchi.
Each steel guitar comes with a brand-new case and downloadable assembly manual. We offer to download the manual for you and include it in your shipment.
All New Mullen, GFI, Excel, and BMI Steel Guitars can be ordered Custom with a Deposit call for information 615-822-5555


Our store carries all the accessories you need to give your rigs that finished look- We have custom made covers all single and double neck guitars, Hilton and Goodrich volume pedals, a variety of picks, Steelers Choice and Walker seats, and a variety of strings our own brand Cobra Coil, George L’s, GHS, and SIT. These accessories make perfect gifts for music lovers! Bring in your Pedals Potentiometer replacement.
For restringing, you may bring in your own strings if we do not sell the line of strings you use.
***Cobra Coil Steel Guitar Strings and Tone Bars Available and Ready to Ship***
Contact us today for further details about our wide variety of steel guitars and accessories.

One-on-One Guitar Time While Shopping

Steel Guitars of Nashville, Inc. in Hendersonville, Tennessee, provides fun and informative steel guitar lessons by a professional players listed on our site and at our store. You can come in and sit down for private selection on how to play the steel guitar and set it up properly. Belmont University is branding the steel guitar history and also offering time to educate younger generations.
Contact us today to schedule an individual shopping time for choosing this uncommon instrument.